Oct. 23-25: Hurricane Patricia Hurtles into Mexico, Obama Admininstration Considering Safety Zones In Syria


South African Students Protest Over Tuition Fees-BBC

South African students have been protesting for over a week about increased tuition fees and rejected multiple offers by the government to decrease tuition fees.  These protests are the largest protests in South Africa since apartheid ended in 1994. The police used water cannons and stun grenades at a few of these student protests.  As a result of the demonstrations, South African President Jacob Zuma has decided to prevent any increase in tuition fees after meeting with university officials.  “We agreed there will be a zero increase in university fees,” Mr. Zuma said.

Mexico Braces for Strongest Hurricane in Western Hemisphere-CBS News

Hurricane Patricia, a Category 5 storm, is heading towards Southwestern Mexico.  The hurricane has recorded maximum sustained winds of 200 mph making Patricia the most powerful storm to hit the Western Hemisphere. Officials have declared a state of emergency along Mexico’s Pacific coast including evacuating the town of Puerto Vallarta.  This hurricane will be strong enough to destroy homes not built of cement and steel and carry automobiles through the air according to Roberto Ramirez, director of Mexico’s water commission. “This is an extremely dangerous, potentially catastrophic hurricane,”meteorologist Dennis Feltgen from the Hurricane Center in Miami said. 

U.S. Debating Ways to Shield Syrian Civilians-NY Times

The millions of Syrians arriving in Europe each day and Russia’s military presence in Syria has forced the Obama administration to begin debates about possibly putting American forces on the ground or using the American Air Force to protect Syrians from the conflict overtaking their country.  The risks involving placing American forces in Syria include incidental contact with Russian forces leading to violence between the two countries.  The Obama administration has also talked about creating “safe zones” so humanitarian relief can be brought to Syrians or give Syrian moderate rebel forces protection from President Assad’s forces and ISIS.  “We should decide what we want to do in Syria, whether it’s a safe haven or anything else, and basically say, just tell the Russians, “This is what we are going to do and stay out of the way,” said Robert Gates, Obama’s former defense secretary.