Oct. 16-18: Palestinian and Israeli Violence, Drone Registration


Palestinian Rioters Torch Jewish Holy Site Joseph’s Tomb-BBC

On Thursday night, Palestinian rioters threw petrol bombs at Joseph’s tomb in the West Bank city of Nablus igniting the tomb on fire. Joseph’s tomb is a sacred Jewish holy site. This month has seen various violent attacks between Palestinians and Israelis with seven Israelis killed and dozens wounded in stabbings and gun attacks and 30 Palestinians killed as a result of the turmoil.  Before the attack on the tomb, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu had told Palestinian leadership to stop these continuing attacks.  In response to the attack on the tomb, Israeli Military Spokesman Lt. Col Peter Werner said it “was a blatant violation of the basic value of freedom of worship.”

Department of Transportation to Announce Drone Registration Requirement-CBS News

As drones become more widely used and pilots have seen an increase in sightings the U.S. Department of Transportation is planning to announce a registration that is required once a drone is bought. Currently, drones are reported as hobby aircraft and do not need to be registered since they are not supposed to fly above 400 feet.  However, airspace rules are constantly violated and there will only be more of these encounters in the future.  “The FAA needs the ability to set clear rules for when and where consumers can fly drones, require manufacturers to install basic technological safeguards, and ensure consumers receive safety information," Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California said.

India Writers Return Awards to Protest Government Silence on Violence-NY Times

Over the last month, up to 35 Indian authors that have won an award from the National Academy of Letters have returned their awards in a communal revolt against the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  These authors argue that under Modi’s governance “There are attacks on ordinary liberties, the ordinary right to assembly, the ordinary right to organize an event in which people can talk about books and ideas freely and without hostility,” Mr. Rushdie told India’s NDTV network.  In India there has also been an increase in violence by Hindu nationalists who have killed a man because they suspected that he had eaten cow meat.   “My protest is not against any government, but to make the point that the Constitution of this Country needs to be fully protected," G.N. Devy, a writer from Modi’s home State of Gujarat said.