Oct. 12-16: Syria Missile Dispute, Flight MH17 Investigation

Putin Defends Russia’s Air Strikes-BBC

Russia has been criticized by the United States and European Union regarding the forces their missile strikes are targeting in Syria. The United States and British government accuse Russia of firing their missiles at “moderate” anti-Assad groups instead of ISIS.  Putin told Rosiya One TV that without Russia’s support of Assad terrorists would easily take over Syria.  He also declared that Russia’s goal in Syria is to“stabilize the legitimate authority” of President Assad

U.S. Gives 50 Tons of Ammunition to Syrian Rebel Groups-CNN

On Monday night, the U.S. military delivered 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups in northern Syria known as the Syrian Arab Coalition. The U.S. military made an airdrop of 112 pallets including smaller ammunition and hand grenades.  This airdrop is one of the first steps in the Obama Administration’s goal to find successful ways to support these rebel groups.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Downed due to the “detonation of a warhead”-CBS News

After a 15-month investigation by the Dutch safety board the existing evidence shows that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed “as a result of the detonation of a warhead outside the airplane,” Dutch Safety Board chairman Tjibbe Jousfra said. The country and group responsible for firing the missile is still a point of contention. Ukraine, the United States and their Western allies believe that Russia or Russian-supported separatists shot the plane down. Russia argues that the Ukrainian military is responsible for shooting the plane down.  “We maintain our support for the work being conducted by countries of the Joint Investigation Team, and reiterate that the United States will fully support all efforts to bring to Justice those responsible, “ U.S. National Security Council Spokesman Ned Price said.