5 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

by Alayna Moury
Guest Writer

On Nov. 8, I will vote for Donald Trump.  I admit that Trump is far from perfect, and his past is sprinkled with words and actions that are simply wrong.  However, despite what much of the media would have us believe, this election is not so much about the past as it is about the future. I support Trump because he offers a hopeful future for the United States, particularly in the following five ways.          

1. Donald Trump will help our economy. 

Unemployment and underemployment continue to plague our country, and our national debt increases daily.  As a businessman, Trump has financial experience that will help him lead a national economy.  He proposes income tax reductions, particularly for lower-to-middle class Americans.  Additionally, he plans to reduce taxes and regulations for businesses, recognizing that successful businesses are the core of a thriving economy.    

2. Donald Trump sides with people and causes I support. 

For example, he chose Mike Pence, a strong Christian, as his running mate.  He named a number of prominent conservatives as his advisers. He shifted to a pro-life position and opposes taxpayer funding of abortions. He promises to uphold religious freedom: the right not only to worship, but also to live our lives according to our religious principles.  

3. Donald Trump will nominate strong Supreme Court justices. 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death earlier this year left an opening in the Court and three current justices are at or near the typical retirement age.  This means our next president will likely have the responsibility of appointing several justices who will influence the course of our country for many years. Trump has already put forward a list of experienced and ethical potential justices who will uphold the U.S. Constitution for years to come.  

Trump with his running mate Mike Pence.

Trump with his running mate Mike Pence.

4. Donald Trump is an outspoken outsider.  

Since he is not a career politician, Trump has a fresh perspective on the government. He recognizes the bribery and corruption that occur in Washington D.C. He points out the errors he sees in our political system and he opposes government overreach. Additionally, Trump tends to speak openly and honestly, a fact that will create more transparency in the government.   

5.  Donald Trump is pro-America. 

This may be expected in a presidential election, but Trump’s policies show that he truly puts the American people first. He plans to have a strong military to ensure peace and safety in our country. He supports vetting of immigrants to reduce the risk of terrorism in the United States. He intends to protect our borders and end illegal immigration.  Trump realizes the greatness of the United States, and his policies will help our nation reach its fullest potential.

Ultimately, my vote for Donald Trump does not mean that I support everything he has ever done or that I think he will solve every problem in our country. It simply shows that I trust him. He has strong plans, and I am confident that a Trump presidency will result in a great future for the United States of America. 

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